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Physical Education & Art Department
    The Physical Education & Art Department of No. 14 Hangzhouz Middle School has a complement of twelve (12) professional educators: nine (9) physical education instructors; two (2) music teachers; and one (1) art teacher.  Of these, one is an educational specialist, sixâ€? [details]
English Department
    The faculty of the English Department at No. 14 Middle School consists of twenty-two (22) bi-lingual teaching professionals. Of these instructors, one is an educational specialist, and nine (9) are senior instructors. The normal practice of the Department is also to have fourâ€? [details]
The Mathematics Department
    The faculty of the Mathematics Department of No. 14 Middle School is composed of twenty-three (23) members.  Of these, four (4) are educational specialists, fourteen (14) are senior instructors, and the remainder are experienced journeymen teaching professionals. â€? [details]

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